Avvatar Whey Protein | 1 Kg |


Avvatar Whey Protein | 1 Kg |

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Unique Blend Of Whey Protein Isolate & Concentrate Our unique blend is carefully formulated to provide fast-absorbing whey protein isolate for rapid muscle recovery, along with the sustained-release benefits of whey protein concentrate for prolonged nourishment. 100% Natural Flavours Avvatar Whey Protein is crafted with only the finest natural ingredients and without any artificial colours and fillers. Made From 100% Cow Milk Avvatar Whey protein is made from fresh cow’s milk, 100% Vegetarian, and manufactured with multiple stringent quality tests. 100% Truly Vegetarian Distinguishing ourselves from others, we use microbial enzymes instead of non-veg rennet in making our protein powders hence making our protein products vegetarian in the true sense.

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    Optimum Nutrition

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    South Africa



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